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+ Comments Vama - 09-02-2009 20:20

I was thinking about naming this post 'RIP', but that's a bit depressing. My beloved cats tumbled over my photo hdd from the desk...a recovery may not be possible, and if it is it will cost more hundred euros then I am able to give now. What have I learned from this? Not only the obvious, which is ALWAYS BACK UP, but that if you delay something tomorrow it might be too late, probably true for more things, not just photo editing :)

Now, the photos above are the only ones that have survived a film partly shot in Vama Veche a year and a half ago. I don't exactly know why it is very underexposed and badly scanned, with scratches and dust, since the other 2 films i scanned turned out ok. I suppose there is a time when things just go bad, maybe I shouldn't take my camera out of the house for a while :)